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how you can feel and look great,
so you can work well, make more money,
live long and enjoy life,
without giving up your favorite habits?

• Not bouncimgres-1ing back like you once did?

• Are you starting to get sick alot, and feel terrible most of the time?

• Are health problems affecting your ability to do your work, think creatively, and make money?

imgres-2-150x150  • Are you having energy, weight or skin issues?

  • Have you  had a “health scare”?


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“I started nutritional coaching with Bonnie after more than fifteen years of ignoring my digestive issues.  From the beginning, the program was a shock. I wasn’t ready for such immediate improvements.  The increased general well-being and new energy, were accompanied by a totally unexpected sensation of empowerment, and a deeper connection with one’s ability to be truly kind and more loving with oneself.  Bonnie’s empathy is remarkable. I am truly grateful.”
Andrea Pensado, musician/educator

“I’ve seen enough disease, suffering and medical system nonsense. I know it’s up to me to do everything that I can to take care of myself. Bonnie Kane’s “How to Feel and Look Great in 3 Steps” has given me the tools that I need. And, it’s working. I’m healthier now than ever.”
– Scott Prato, musician,